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Registered Office 4- 8 Station Road, Knowle, Solhull, Birmingham.
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MTF  Opening Hours - Mon - Friday 9am till 5.30pm,   Sat - 9am till 4pm
MTF Towbar Fitters - Different Towbar Types
Fixed Flange Towbar:-


Swan Neck Towbar:-


Detachable Swan Neck Towbar :-


Detachable Flange Towbar:-


Most popular towbar which is bolted on

The cheapest towbar option

Most versatile towbar for attachments

May interfere with reversing sensors

Compatable with ALKO stabilisers

Nice neat look

Won’t interfere with parking sensors

Fully automatic release system

Won’t fit Bulldog or Snake master

Neat look and compatable with alko chassis

Less likely to interfere with parking sensors

Very popular towbar due to sleak design

Won’t fit bulldog or Snake Master Stabilisers

Can be used with all towbars

Fits all cycle carriers

Compatable with all stabilisers

Most invisible option

Bike carrier / bumper plates

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