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Alko Style Towball:-

This towball has been specifically designed for use with AL-KO stabilisers. It is machined to allow free articulation of the coupling head. This ball should always be used if an AL-KO stabiliser coupling is fitted to the trailer.
Please note that to ensure proper function of the AL-KO stabiliser, all the paint on the 50mm ball should be removed using emery cloth or a similar substance. The ball is designed to be used dry and grease free.
Heavy Duty Type Towball:-

This is a standard towball.

E.C. 94/20 type approved 50mm towball specification (D Value 17.2kN & S Value 210Kg)

This product is not suitable for use with an ALKO coupling.
Extra Heavy Duty 3.5 Tonne Towball:-

This versatile coupling combines an ISO3853 standard 50mm towball with a BSAU24 25mm diameter pin and jaw coupling, allowing the towing vehicle to tow trailers with either a 50mm coupling head or an eye type coupling. 94/20EC Type Approved.

This towball is designed to meet the needs of mixed trailer and has a 3.5 tonne capacity.
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